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Hi all,

I'm getting ready to the pull the trigger on a bentwood vertical 63 and was wondering if any current or past owners would like to share how they feel about it, for both espresso and filter coffee. I'm particularly interested in how it compares to other "endgame" grinders that you've had personal experience with (I've read a lot about the various grinders, but I haven't seen much from people who have personal experience with both the bentwood and other endgame grinders).

Also, does anyone have any idea how well the Bentwood would hold its value? I know the other high-end single dosing grinders have held their value extremely well, but these are much harder to find new than the bentwood, and also have fewer of the down sides associated with commercial grinders like the bentwood. I'm also a little concerned about the perceived inferiority of 63MM burrs (even if erroneous) should I ever wish to sell it.

Thanks everyone.

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I've never used one, but I was really surprised how big it was when I saw it at SCA. Somehow from the pictures I'd always guessed it was much smaller.

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That's good to know, thanks. I've seen pictures of it next to a Decent DE1 and it looked large, but manageable. I should have enough space even if it's bigger than I expect.


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I haven't seen a single review dissing this grinder! I was really interested in it but the size, fans and workflow isn't for me. I say go for it, especially if you plan on having 1 grinder for dual use (the grind size adjustment is far superior to any grinder I know).
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Amos98 (original poster)

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I haven't seen any bad reviews either, glad to know you haven't either!