Baratza Vario with Forte "Super Alignment" vs. upgrading to another grinder

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

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I see most of the comments on the Forte upgrade and alignment directed towards brew vs espresso. I have been using the Sette 27OW for espresso, but the noise has finally gotten to me. I have an early model Vario with ceramic burrs. I think my Sette has a better grind, but maybe it is an alignment problem. I tend to drink less bright/acidic coffees. Usually roasted until 2nd crack just starts. Drink of choice is a cortado or small Americano. It would seem that I want to stay with the ceramic burrs for more classic espresso?

Trying to decide on the upgrade with Forte parts and alignment vs getting a Silenzio or such. I need a small form factor as I travel with my setup. Consistent results and reduced noise is my goal.

Thanks for any input

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@G8trwood - I'd suggest starting a new thread to get input on grinder recommendations for your situation. This thread it primarily centered on the alignment process of the Vario grinder.

G8trwood (original poster)

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Will do. I had already contacted Baratza regarding this mod and making sure it was appropriate before going down the rabbit hole ;)
You can delete post if needed.


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Just so it's clear, you can attempt the alignment without upgrading the grind chamber.