Baratza Vario Ceramic versus Timemore 078s

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#1: Post by Chura »


I'm using Vario for ages, never had issue with it (maybe its too loud).
I wanted to improve my espressos, never had too much attention just did some grinding and drinking, and it was fine.
I've met a friend who does single dosing with Mignon and I thought, wait, that espresso is way better then mine.

So, I was looking through grinders (I have Vivaldi S1V2, so I don't think I need to change here)
and seen Timemore is selling new Espresso version of the 078, and I've pledged.
Now, I've seen that Vario is actually capable grinder, maybe change burrs but still, capable.

Would you recommend going with the 078s anyway or just replace burrs on my Vario and that's it ?
Additionally, not sure if my wife will be in the "single dosing" fans, so maybe keeping the Vario for hopper work and 078 for SD is an option, but first, need to understand the effectivity of SS burrs on Vario.


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#2: Post by Pressino »

It looks like a nice grinder with very low retention for a flat burr grinder. One drawback, at least at this time, is the lack of available burr options in that 78mm size. In that case, you could also consider the 64mm version.