Baratza support exceed expectations

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#1: Post by acodring »

Sorry if this is the wrong forum, or if it's been said before. I'm really impressed, again, with Baratza product support.

I bought a used Baratza Vario about 10 years ago. It was my first "real" grinder.
Last year I read how I could upgrade some parts on it to make it better and a bit closer to their beefier Forte model.
The support team were patient and helpful and got me the right parts.

This weekend the burrs jammed and the teeth on the original motor pulley wore down to nothing.
While figuring out what part I needed to fix it I realized there was another potential upgrade I could do at the same time.

The support team, again, were super patient helping me figure out if my ancient model was compatible and then finding all the parts I needed, going far beyond their support statement of 'Don't dump it, fix it'.

I wondered if their support would change after Breville bought them, but it's been 2 years and it hasn't yet.


#2: Post by bigfatpug »

If only they made more "modern" grinders. Single dose, extreme low retention, sleeker design, etc. I'd be all over that sh**.


#3: Post by Pressino »

You can "single dose" grind with any of them...just load the dose you desire into the empty hopper and they (the conical versions at least) will perform the task with negligible retention. Sleekness of the design is in the eyes of the beholders. :D


#4: Post by damadama »

Eh, I have a Vario and it has served me *ok* for 8 years now.

Not gonna lie though, it's kind of a piece of sh**. The hopper rotates when I run the machine which causes it to trigger off. I wrapped in electrical tape to get that to stop moving. The big adjustment lever won't actually stay on #2, so have to jam something behind that to get it to stay.

It bogs down on some coffees. It seems to grind one shot too fine and then all the sudden it's shooting out a very coarse grind the very next shot.

I for one won't be purchasing a plastic grinder from Baratza, regardless of their support.


#5: Post by *sigh* replying to damadama »

They have made some major upgrades to the burr chamber on the Vario by making it all metal similar to the forte, all of which are compatible with the older versions. You can either buy the parts yourself or send it in for an one time repair fee which is really reasonable. My vario was always a little finicky but with the new burr chamber and steel burrs it's solidified it's place as the pour over grinder in our house.