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Ten years into a Vario and I haven't had to put their customer service to any real test because it was still going strong when I sent it in for $50 to have the metal grind chamber and burr holder from the Forte installed.

After I found out you could get Monolith level alignment without shimming and with nothing but a screwdriver and an Allen wrench that sealed it.

Can't speak for the other Baratza products and the Sette with it's ridiculous high speed grinding (for a home espresso grinder? why?) and sealed non-user serviceable drive train certainly looks sketchy, but the Vario/Forte siblings remain too good to be true both in performance and durability.

Full disclosure: I also have a Monolith Flat with SSP burrs.

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Baratza Sette 270 ready for the junk heap
Really? Baratza grinders are one of the few where virtually every part is not only readily available but inexpensive. Sometimes, if you explain the situation they will send you parts for free, even out of warranty (yes, they will...they've sent me free items several times and I don't even live in the USA). Sure, they are more prone to failure as they are comparatively inexpensive and not designed to commercial standards. I've had a few Baratza grinders and never had one that was "ready for the junk heap".

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hedonsmbot wrote:I plan to have the Sette 270 professionally repaired and will then sell it here or on Kijiji.
Note to self, don't buy used grinder from hedonsmbot. ;-)