Bang for the buck 98mm flat burr grinder for filter.

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I am brewing at home daily for 3+ years now. I was lurking this forum for quite a while, and was embracing the common advice of improving technique instead of gear. My grinder is a basic baratza, and my pouring kettle is not the fanciest one either. I am scoring my cups, I have memorized grind settigns for my favorite coffees, and I do experiment a lot with the Kruve sifter, but now is the time to upgrade.

I am finally at the stage where I feel confident that a great grinder will take me the extra mile. When I sift my ground coffee with Kruve I clearly enjoy my cups more, but Kruve is terribly wasteful, and my baratza has not that good distribution, so I end up grinding 26g to get the 18g after sifting. Also the process of sifting grounds in the morning is just so so tiring.

I am ready to invest in a flat burr gridner, my favorite coffee shop uses EK43 and a few tiems I've asked them to grind small batches for me I have done the back-to-back blind tasting, and I really really enjoy the results from the EK more then from my baratza, sifted.

But I am completely lost in regards to choosing a flat burr grinder. It seems the cheapest options like the Intro Ultra with 98mm SSP will run me at least 1500 USD if I buy from China (if that is even possible). Everything else, like the Monolith, Lagom p100, etc are even more costly. Now, I'm not trying to complain about their prices, but when it comes to this amount of money, I want to make a consious choice, and at the moment I am a little lost in regards to what would be the best bang-for-the-buck gridner in this tier. I live in eastern Europe, supply of grinders locally is super limited, there's no try-before-you-buy option, and if I don't like something I don't think I'd be able to return it.

So what's the best bang-for-the-buck grinder with 98mm flat burrs?


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98mm requires a build that can handle that seize of burrs, those burrs also require better and more precise alignment so I'm afraid it's never going to be cheap. I can remember when the EK43 where just a $2500 grinder (Includes 17-25% VAT) and it didn't have the alignment it dos today, so I would suspect that is around the lowest possible point we can expect a 98mm burrs to be sold at, if we won't settle for a use and throw away product, but at that price it won't be with a great alignment.

Even Ozik 98mm version I suspect will be a +$3500 product (Including VAT).

That said most 98mm burrs aren't great filter burrs, the only one that is the optimum is IMHO the pre 2015 98mm or iteration of it. The Ditting 804 cast burrs will therefore often be a better solution, and it should be able to get at a lower price point, however not many SD grinders are currently available with that seize burrs, it will be interesting to see when Ozik do launch theres. But currently good 80mm is around the same $3500 (including VAT) mark. Hopefully Ozik will land somewhere between $2500-3000 (including VAT and import duties)

The cheapest is currently the Levercraft Ultra at $3200-3600 (Including VAT and Import duties) the Option-O P100 is slightly more expensive, the other will set you back around $1000 more.

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maxmaut (original poster)

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Why do you think 98mm burrs are not ideal for filters? Seems like a generalization to me.


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I think he is referring to machined SSP 98mm burrs, which is best for espresso, not filter. I would personally not buy an expensive 98mm High Uniformity burrs grinder intended for filter use.