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Dear coffee lovers,

I'm a big fan of a very short and very concentrated ristretti shots. I own Jura Impressa A9 that can make ristretto, however it seems to be too watery (even with fine grind and minimum water settings) compared to what I can get at some coffee shops. Could you, please, share your experience if there is any chance to get a nice coffee shop quality ristretto using any of the automatic coffee machine at home? If the machine offers easy cleaning, like what Jura offers, that would be an additional positive bonus...

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While you may be able to simulate a ristretto on your Jura it probably will never put out a ristretto like can be pulled on a semiauto or other machine. Superautos are made to produce the same sort of okay cup of coffee over and over simply. The many compromises to do that however basically mean you don't get enough control of the process to matter.
I suppose one of the top end superautos might be more adjustable, but i doubt it could do it reliably.

There may be a few members who could be more helpful, hopefully they will see this. Superautos aren't well represented on this forum since most here have gone deep down the rabbit hole of specialty coffee.
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Jura is pretty much the "cream of the crop" of superautomatics. Have you tried increasing the strength setting for the ristretto?
Also, Jura is known for their customer service. Have you thought to contact them for advice?

If you can't get the results you desire on it, I humbly suggest you consider diving into the semiautomatic world, where you have better control over everything. A separate and better-quality grinder would be necessary in this case and also up your game from the built in grinder on the Jura.

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James Hoffmann offered some practical advice:
I weighed in here: What's been your experience of super autos?
HB wrote:...a discerning espresso drinker will be disappointed. There are a few tricks that help make for better espresso like pre-warming the brew chamber with a cleaning cycle, reducing the pour volume, and pulling the cup away a few moments early. With a forgiving espresso blend, the body was still lacking and the overall tasted flat -- not bad, but not memorable either. This side-by-side photo is a fair comparison between my regular equipment and the Kalerm super-auto; it's not difficult to guess which is which..

Dan Kehn