Astra Pro is 12 years old; what next?

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

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I've owned my Pro for 12 years. I had my first issues last year: the heating element went out, then I replaced the pump last week. It still works great, but of know....inquiring minds wander. My grinder is a Fiorenzato Doge, coffee is my own, I'm not a novice. I QC my own coffee on it, and so I switch beans constantly per session, so I'm 100% fine with an HX (might even prefer it for this usage). So:

If I had a budget of $3500, what would be the machine to buy? #nolever because it won't fit.

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#2: Post by Jeff »

I'd wander over a Lelit Bianca / ECM Synchronika / Profitec Pro 600/700 for a start.

If it suits your style, many people enjoy the La Marzocco Linea Mini ("LMLM"). Chris' Coffee had a 2016 that they had been using for catering for sale, but it is gone. I don't know used prices and availability on them, but one might appear within your budget, given that price ($3,000 plus a couple hundred for LTL freight).

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What about something like an Elektra Sixties vs Profitec 700/ECM/etc, shot for shot?


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What did you get?

I just sold my Astra Pro after 6-ish years - I bought it used and I replaced my pump right when I got it.

It had been a good machine. My wife started partaking more and I had an extra personal setup from work (Crossland CC1 w/ Vario) - so I decided to sell that setup and Astra and start over.

The Astro Pro was built like a tank, cleans up nice, steams like a champ, but in using both machines daily - could always count on the CC1 to produce a good shot whereas it was always work and timing with the Astra.


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I had an Astra Pro for several years.
Built like a tank...but needed a pretty good flush to bring down temp.

I switched to a used La Spaziale S1 VII about 5 years ago and thought it was a HUGE improvement in consistency and workflow. It's also built like a tank and very maintainable (Chris' coffee is great support). Just sold it last night awaiting an Alex Leva delivery.

Comes in well under your budget, but I wouldn't discount it just because it's cheaper.