Astra Mega SC - Too ambitious of a project?

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Hi everyone,

I came across and Astra Mega SC someone is selling with limited info. They plugged it in and said it was heating up fine, then got some steam going and pretty shortly after it blew a fuse. They understandably don't want to do more testing, so it puts me in a bit of a tough place. Cosmetically, the machine looks fine. It supposedly was sitting in storage for a while and they're now dusting it off. I don't know how extensively it was used before storage. If I can grab this thing for only $400-$500, is that worth it? Or could I be getting myself into trouble with the electrical issues? I'm comfortable with a taking things apart, replacing components, but don't have much experience with electrical diagnosis and fixes.

Thanks all in advance for your advice.


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I recommend calling Astra tomorrow. Richard is super helpful and may be able to give you some ideas on what is needed. He designed the machines so he knows them better than anyone else. Good luck!
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Quick sanity check with a search engine -- working condition night not be much more than "only $400-$500".

Listed at $800 and sold (for who knows how much) two years ago
This is a professional Astra Espresso machine in great working condition. This machine was in my kitchen for a year. Finally I had to give it up to free up counter space.
Liated at $500 in 2017 ... model.html
Have a 2005 Astra Mega SC Espresso Machine.
New heating and group head gasket. Tested it
wit a Flo Jet and everything works. Too big for
my space and recently picked up a LaSpaziale
Mini Vivaldi II, so I am gonna part with this one.
A real workhorse. I will throw in a bottomless
portafilter,tamper and a pound of my freshly
roasted espresso blend.
Then again, eBay sale at just over $1,000 last month for ... 4346667921
(photos look pretty impressive there)


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Hey Matthew- I'll bet that is the machine I just picked up (from CL). He took half of the asking price. For what it is worth, I believe it was a question of amperage. It is a 20 amp machine. I'm not really trying to rub it in because I had the same problem until I put it on a heavier circuit in the garage. Now I'm not sure if I can use it in the kitchen. :( I may have to part with it unless I can work something out.