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Congrats on finally making a decision sheesh :lol:
You will not regret your decision. The 600 was perfect sized for my low cabinets. Enjoy!

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I'm happy with my PRO600 with flow control after over a year of ownership. The more I use it and improve my puck prep skill the less I think about upgrading. What changed things for me was buying a Monolith grinder to go with it. Things are now so stable and repeatable I don't really think there are many more major in the cup improvements to be had.

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I've had it for 2 days now... very happy with it, except someone on the assembly line forgot a circlip on the the steam valve spindle, so I can't steam right now... but then, I rarely steam milk anyway so it's not a total loss and it'll be rectified soon enough.

First two shots went into the sink, 3rd shot after tweaking the boiler temp was the best shot I'd made since starting this journey into coffee madness. :mrgreen:

I be happy.



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You may want to have a look at this thread.:

Profitec Pro 600 Owner Experience

The biggest improvement I made when I got mine was to adjust the temperature offset so I got an accurate reading of the brew temp.

kaptain_zero (original poster)

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Thanks, I was aware of that thread, but now it's bookmarked, just to be safe :D

I did not do a careful test, but in my rough test I started hearing flash boiling around 212f, so I think it's pretty good. I do plan to check things more carefully.