App-free scale with ml/s flow rate display

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another bluenose

#1: Post by another bluenose »

Is there a scale that measures the flow-rate per second on the display face of the scale? I don't want to use an app for the flow rate. Keeping things simple ;>)
I'm looking for a scale that displays 3 things on the face of the scale: flow rate, time & weight.

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#2: Post by Hudson »

The Acaia lunar can do that.
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another bluenose (original poster)

#3: Post by another bluenose (original poster) »

I thought it merely showed dots from left to right, as an indicator, rather than a specific read-out on the display. Have I got that wrong?
Edit: I've now looked more closely at the 2021 version. While I was hoping for a specific flow/sec read-out, this looks like it might do the trick, if my compromised vision can see the small dots. Thanks.


#4: Post by Corgo »

Timemore black mirror and the black mirror nano has this. The new black mirror plus has it always showing g/s along with time and weight at the same time.

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#5: Post by Jeff »

Timemore Black Mirror Basic Pro is the model that displays time, weight, and an estimate of flow rate. I have one in my collection that I use regularly. It seems to be reasonably solid in construction and the display seems a bit brighter and clearer than the Basic+ (USB-C charging over the Basic). They all are a bit clumsy to me for use with espresso due to their size. They hang over the front of the drip tray on both the DE1 and La Marzocco Micra.

I don't find the flow-rate display very useful as the tenths flicker and change too quickly to follow. There's also the question of what are you going to do with the number. By the time the scale is giving you a flow estimate, it is from measurements of around a second ago. By the time you make a decision about a number and translate that into your hand moving a control, you've moved on a relatively long time in the shot's progress.

If you're trying to manage flow for espresso, I'd suggest watching the flow from the basket. Its thickness, apparent viscosity, and color probably provide better feedback than delayed, flickering numbers.

Having stared at this kind of data for a couple of years now, I find flow rate interesting post facto for deciding what to do next. For that, you'll need an app with all the scales that I know of today.

It may be interesting for filter coffee, but I seem to do OK watching where I pour and being aware of the total weight and half-aware of the time. Maybe I'm not as good as trying to watch four things at once as others might be.

I had a Lunar 2021 for a while and found its moving-dot display to be even less usable than the digital readout, at least for espresso. "OK, now which dot am I shooting for to get 2.5 mL/s again??"

another bluenose (original poster)

#6: Post by another bluenose (original poster) »

This is all very helpful information, thanks. I've been watching flow & viscosity by eye, but thought an accurate read-out of the flow rate might be useful. I'll have to give it a re-think.


#7: Post by Corgo »

The black mirror nano had a mode that shows flow rate for sure because I have used it but it replaces the weight iirc. I assumed regular black mirror non pro did the same thing. The pro just displays 3 things at once, including flow rate. I use the pro everyday but never pay attention to flow rate on it though.


#8: Post by InfamousTuba »

The difluid microbalance has flow rate shown on it, it does have an app as well but that is not required (except for updates). The scale is very new to the market so longevity can't be determined

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#9: Post by PIXIllate »

Acaia Lunar 2021 will show you both peak and average flow rate after the shot and hold the data until you reset it. I note both for all of my shots. Usually I find my peak is around double my average flow with my style of blooming profile with a decline.

another bluenose (original poster)

#10: Post by another bluenose (original poster) »

Good info, thanks!