Anyone recognizes this espresso machine?

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#1: Post by AJ2022 »

I saw this espresso machine on sale on Facebook market today, but I can't find any info online for "Alfa Magestic". Does anyone know what make/model is this machine and how much it is worth as a used machine? The ad only says:
Espresso machine, clean and works great. HAS NOT BEEN USED FOR A LONG TIME. Will probably need servicing. We had them in our restaurants. Last one is deep blue with gold trim.



#2: Post by sidcam »

There's a commercial espresso machine restoration group on Facebook with a lot of "old timer" repair guys and guys who do nothing but restore 20+ year old machines from all over the globe. If you don't get an answer here, I'd join that group and ask there because identifying obscure machines is a common topic. Post a picture if you can.

Hope that helps

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#3: Post by Hadrael »

I believe it's VFA Elite, from Spain.


#4: Post by sidcam »

Sorry, my laptop was slow to load your images.

Since you're in Canada, I'd guess a Canadian foodservice company like Alfa International and/or Alfa Foodservices saw the 1990's sales explosion of smaller one group espresso machines to restaurants that weren't coffee shops and simply imported someone else's machine rebranded to their own badge. I'd start by seeing if someone at could verify that then ask over at I know the first company has been around long enough to do that and the second company sells espresso machines.

Hope that helps

AJ2022 (original poster)

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Thank you all for your help.


#6: Post by objective1 »

what did you find out? that machine looks pretty! :-)