Anyone interested in Weber EG-1

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#1: Post by Zaneemomo »

Preorders are open on their website.


#2: Post by Andrewp »

I was hoping there would have been a discount if I purchased an EG1 and bean cellars at the same time.. Not sure why I thought that but worth a try I guess. $250usd freight to New Zealand is just nuts!!


#3: Post by Brien »

Yeah, WW charges an arm and leg for shipping. $60 DHL to ship 12 bean cellars to the US.


#4: Post by Andrewp »

Because they can!


#5: Post by chipman »

No, because that is what it costs to ship air freight. i had to ship something back for repair. DHL charged me the same for shipping as Webber did on the return shipment.


#6: Post by cebseb » replying to chipman »

I was charged $20 for shipping for a steam dial adapter. A part that is around 15 grams. The item was shipped from Las Vegas to Seattle via ground shipping. It took 7 days.

Weber tries their best, and I enjoy using most of their products, but it's things like these that really leaves a bad taste in my mouth.