Any experience or advice on Xenia?

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Hi everyone,

I'm in the market for a new espresso machine in the $2-3k range. If you look through my comment history you will see that I am a La Pavoni and Elektra fan, however I want to try something different and unique. There is a brand called Xenia ( that I am looking at, but am curious if anyone has any additional information on the machines or the company? Any and all feedback is welcome.



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I have advice:

Take a look here, the German Kaffee-Netz is where this machine is at home. It is quite a unique concept that was developed with the input of this topic:

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Thanks. This is helpful. I do not speak German, but I have been using Google translate to help me.

I also did some searching on their website and found a few additional links in English that highlight features I am interested in. Some are for convenience, and others seem like cool engineering improvements which my inner nerd likes. Lastly, with the current dollar-to-euro exchange rate, this machine is much more competitively priced.

1. I like that they offer small heating elements in the group. Since I now have to go back into the office for work, I appreciate a machine that heats up quicker. Their estimates show about 14 minutes to get to temperature.

2. They offer a water tank that slides from the side. I have low cabinets, so this one is important to me. It may sound small, but I'm not sure why other manufacturers haven't thought of this.

3. They moved the 3-way solenoid to the bottom of the boiler, before the heat exchanger. This supposedly is better for the machine and makes it so it doesn't need a cooling flush, like most other machines. In theory it makes sense but if anyone has any practical experience with the machine, I'd love to hear it.


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Edited: deleted some links of videos that actually don't reflect my personal opinion of the machine. I didn't remember that when posting.

I had a shot from Xenia a couple a years back during a Kaffee-Netz meeting in Berlin. The machine looks very nice and the espresso was very good. Holger brought the back then relatively new machine to show it to the crowd. He is a great guy and active member of the Kaffee-Netz forum, discussing many topics not only but also his machines.

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Thank you again for you input. I have been going through the 150+ page post on Kaffee Netz to learn more and Iskanda seems very open and honest about what the machine can do, and is open to constructive criticism for things that can be improved.

Overall, I am very impressed with the finish of the machine, the quality of engineering, and the responsiveness of the company. I will likely be putting my order in soon and will post again here and in the "Espresso Machines" forum with a full review once I receive it.