Any Current/Updated Reviews on the EG-1?

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

#1: Post by webuild4life »

So I spent all day reading about the Monolith Max, and the EG-1; and while there is plenty of information about the Monolith's, not much exists on the EG-1 in terms of videos, written reviews, and just general discussion (in comparison to the monolith).

I am going to shoot for the Max when the pre-orders start next month(?) but am definitely interested in the EG-1 as well. Are there any users using the EG-1 today that care to offer any input on their experience with it? I know the most common concern is alignment and the fact you "use your fingers", how is that working for you today?

At the end of the day, if I go with the EG-1 (paired with the DEXL) I am sure I will be happy and never regret my decision, but I want to be sure this is the correct choice. 95% of the use will be on espresso, I do prefer medium roasts now, but I have never been able pull a light roast well (hence the desire for a max). The other 5% will be general pour overs. The Flat may be adequate but I don't mind the extra cost if it means future proofing my preferences.

The final question that may be silly: Are these really worth considering over the Niche Zero? This was the grinder I had originally decided to get, but when I did a lot of thinking, and realized I was buying my "forever" espresso machine, would the Niche be a "forever" grinder? And the answer was probably not. Performance per dollar I am sure the Niche is great. Rao recommends it, John at Decent uses it, but the people who buy and use the niche aren't really also buying $3500 grinders and writing about the difference.


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#2: Post by realbrotherjay »

I wrote a big long crazy breakdown of why I chose the EG-1 this week as my hopeful "endgame grinder", but decided it was narcissistic to think my reasoning worthy of five paragraphs when I don't even have the grinder in hand yet. Instead I'll just say that the conclusion I reached was essentially that if you're willing to commit to this price point in pursuit of the best coffee you can brew, Kafatek and Weber Workshops are likely among a small handful of makers who will not let you down.

Regarding the Niche, you are probably correct in surmising that dollar-for-dollar, the Niche may provide the best value in dedicated single-dosing grinders on the market right now. I own an HG-1, which I love in all regards, but having used flat burr grinders for espresso in a number of commercial settings, felt there was more to be gained by looking for the best single dosing flat burr grinder I could find. We enter a realm of precipitously diminishing returns at this end of our shared hobby, but again, if you're willing to pursue quality, user experience, and craftsmanship to the price point we're talking about, the dollar-for-dollar return can cease to carry so much weight.