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Thanks everybody for chipping in.
I found another two threads on this same topic (same machine options) one even in these forums :oops: so sorry for not being more thorough with the search .
I spent few hours looking/reading about the BDB and even though there seem to awake very polarized opinions I think (also discussing it with the wife) It would be worth to start there. Seems like it's a very capable machine (unless you get a lemon) hopefully it will work fine long enough to enjoy and decide if in the future I want something more "purist/traditional". At the moment I have plenty of time for a E61 machine to let warm up and play with it but in the future I might just want to turn the machine on and just have a quick shot of coffee so I think in that case the BDB would win.
I know that I'd love the look and feel of a traditional looking machine on my countertop but also would love the look of a Ferrari in my garage or a playmate... anyway....
For $1700 I can get the duo (with the basic grinder) and I have extra for a couple of accessories and a Niche zero.
I think (at least for the last few hours that is the final call (hopefully it'll last long enough to place the order.
Thanks one more time for all the advice/suggestions shared I'll post again once I have placed the order in a couple of weeks. I'll be on a trip (to London where I'll order the Niche), hopefully I'll be ready to start ruining coffee by mid September.


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Thanks for this post and the link to your prior rational analysis LittleCoffee. Very informative. And good luck with your decision slopefox

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I totally agree!
@LittleCoffee, that was a very good reading and although I'm not an engineer (I could have been if only liked school a bit more) I'm a tinkerer with a (kind of) mechanical brain love to take thing apart and repair them if I can so I went through some of the same thought process and I agree with most of your points (not all) but between my previous research (to weed out what definitely was not for me) your post and SOME of the other members comments I feel like I learnt a lot.
I think I'll stick with the BDB for the time being, looks like it can do everything I need and more (if it works :P) and if it does not fill my expectations at least I went wrong with half of the money.
Since the only option is the combo (+grinder) I'll get something to start with. I was thinking to buy a Niche but then I start seeing the DF64 (which I think I prefer) and saw that the v.2 is coming so I'll use the included grinder to start breaking in the machine until the DF64 v2 comes out.
So... thanks again for all the time invested in me.

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If I understand your plan, I would be very cautious about assuming that any of the all-in-ones can be interchanged with a BDB. At a minimum, I would expect the working area within an already cramped case to be even less. There is the potential that components are different enough that the flavor potential is impacted or certain mods can't be done. I'm not saying that any of these are true, but I definitely would look into it carefully before buying a unit.

Edit: "the Dynamic Duo™" ... ep920.html looks to be a bundle of the 920 BDB with the SGP (which I would sell if I could).

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Hi Jeff,
Not sure I understand a couple of things in your post...
But just to be in the same playing field I'm aiming at the "Dynamic duo"
Can you clarify about parts interchange? I know Breville has proprietary portafilter but not sure if you mean anything else but I'm aware that IF in the future I decide to go for a prosumer it will be a clean start.
Also: "looks to be a bundle of the 920 BDB with the SGP (which I would sell if I could)." Do you mean you are a retailer? or you just personally have one for sale???
Anyway, cramped working area I don't think it will be an issue, some of the stuff on the countertop would need to be evicted but I guess I'll be fine.

Anyway, I changed my mind so many times that it would not surprise me if it happens again, my pillow doesn't seem to help much :lol:
Thanks again,
Last week I was ready to pull the plug on the WLL BZ13 but they told me they do not ship to freight forwarding companies that is another of the reason to go for the Dynamic Duo (so far never had any issues with Amazon)

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There are all-in-one machines that look sort of like a BDB. I don't know if they have the same internals, such as boiler, temperature control, piping and valving, ... as the BDB. With different internals, perhaps very different internals, the benefits of the BDB might reduced or not be available at all.

When I searched on "Breville Duo" I found that link. If I bought that bundle, I would sell the grinder immediately as "new" since I think I could get a few more dollars for it then I would be able to if it were used.

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OK clear now,
Yes at the very beginning I looked at some Breville "clones" but were rapidly discarded since there are not many reviews of them and most of the problems seem to be related to QC. Not being able to return the machine in case of any major issue I have to go with something a bit more "reputable".
As far as selling the grinder, the idea is to buy a DF 64 (not decided yet between the v2 or the "E" version but for a couple of hundred dollars that I might get I might as well keep it while I decide and then I can use it for brew coffee or grind spices for (one of) my other hobbies (making charcuterie)