Anfim vs Eureka

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Hi everybody,

I am ready for a grinder upgrade, and I am trying to decide between the Atom 65 and the Anfim CODY. As background, I have a Bezzera Family and mostly drink dark roasts.

My basic dilemma is how much I should care about the relative retention levels of these grinders. I typically put in a days worth of beans in the hopper (4-5 14g doubles), and other than a purge and a sweep at the start of the day, I don't want to get into constant sweeping and blowing. I actually just sold my SJ with the Daniel Wong mod because I couldn't go back to all the grinder fussing after using my Silenzio for a few years. Here is my take on each grinder:

Atom 65
My Silenzio is quiet, produces a very fluffy grind, and seems to have minimal retention. The Atom 65 seems more of the same but much better, although some owners claim that the retention is at least 5g. I really dislike the screen interface of this grinder but like just about everything else about it.

Anfim Cody
I love the interface of this grinder (basically no screens, time dosing with dedicated button for manual grinding), and it looks great. I would be sold on it except that most people complain about the high retention, ie 10g in the chamber and 3-4g in the chute. But I am not a single doser, and wonder if a daily purge and sweep would be enough to make this work well with my workflow.

I'd also be interested in the 75mm versions of these grinders if I found a good deal or a used item.

I would love to hear from Atom and Anfim owners!