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I'd be thrilled if you (and anyone else interested) could do comparisons of temperature profiles on the DE1.

There was a lot of discussion in the past, when the Scace first came out, about different kinds of temperature curve. E.g. Is a straight line 92.5 the same as starting at 95 and dropping to 90 by the end of the shot? This was before we were thinking about extraction, and before we learned about the sweet properties of lever machines and their pressure profiles. Based on all this new stuff, I was just thinking by analogy --- if dropping pressure is good; why not dropping temperature too?
Jim Schulman

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Hi Jim,

I've started this separate thread for this little digression of ours and did some preliminary work for some actual work on this this weekend. I put it in the barista technique forum, but please feel free to move the thread to somewhere more appropriate. Also, have a look at that thread and let me know if there's anything in particular you want me to try. For instance, I created a flow profile with a pause "bloom" phase to try to give the group a bit more time to cool down; I don't know if that helps much, so if you'd prefer me to stick with a more usual profile, let me know.

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