Am I over thinking it? P64 for filter only

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Milk Bear

#1: Post by Milk Bear »

I'm thinking about getting a p64 for filter only. I've had an ode v1 (which i returned. Wasn't a huge fan of the work flow and design choices they made) and a Niche Zero (which I just sold, loved the work flow but hated the end cup. I just couldn't seem to pour a good cup with it with the beans I prefer). Is the p64 over kill for filter only? I just want the filter end game and be done with it. The price is up there and I'm feeling unsure of the right move.


#2: Post by heisenbrew »

You could go P64, or you could go Zerno (which currently costs a little less, but harder to actually order). The Zerno in theory should do a better job with the swappable pre-breakers.

You could also look at one of the 83mm burr grinders since bigger is theoretically better.


#3: Post by antopoftheworld »

Been doing research for awhile now and I'm in between the P64 and Zerno as well.