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juklik wrote:Thanks, LObin.

I am deciding between Atom 65 ... d/1/4.aspx

and Atom 75 ... d/1/5.aspx

I gave it a few days to think over one more time and discussed at home. My wife prefers to avoid weighing coffee beans before each grind. She already thinks going for DE1+ is a bit quirky, definitely don't want to overdo it with SD grinder. On-demand grind into portafilter is a way to go.
The Eureka Atom will pair well with your DE1, no doubt.
Here's a review of the 75 from a DaveC, a member here:
https://coffeeequipmentreviews.wordpres ... e-grinder/

Not many comparison threads on the 65 vs 75 though. Let us know which one you choose!

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