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I am currently using a ECM Synchronika and a baratza sette 270wi. I make about 3-4 drinks a day. I have tried single dosing and didn't like the work flow. I usually put about 2-3 days worth of beans in the hopper. I'm looking to upgrade to a grinder that can do grind by weight. Thinking of purchasing the Mythos II Gravimetric. Does anyone have any experience with using it at home? Any issues with home use, such as poor bean feeding when not fully loaded. Also can I disable the temperature control?

Other grinders that I have looked at is the mahlkonig e65s gbw. I could not find any information on the retention, but the regular e65s seems to have a high retention. The Acaia Orbit looks nice, but not much info yet, and probably be hard to purchase when it comes out.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi Max,

I used the Mythos II gravimetric at home. It's a fantastic grinder that offers many settings to control variables, like RPM, chute temp, and even adjusting the ramp down to get a more accurate weight. It's built like a tank with solid components, and although I never had the E65s GBW, I did own the E80 supreme, which is a great grinder as well. The Mythos, in my view, performs better at grinding, and the more accessible access to cleaning the parts made it stand apart. I don't think you can go wrong with either machine for the home, but I found the larger burrs of the Mythos provided better taste notes on light coffee.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the advice. Really hard to find any info for using the Mythos 2 in a home setting.


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It's big and ugly, and likely has quite a bit of retention. Those are the downsides as far as I can imagine. The rest is generally very positive.
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From what I've read it is suppose to have minimal retention, due to horizontal burrs and short chute. But I haven't seen any in depth reviews on how much is left over after grinding.

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To Transporter,

If you don't mind I'd like to ask. How many drinks do you make per day? How many days worth of beans do you place in the hopper? Is it difficult to gauge if you are almost out of beans due to the deep neck(supposedly holds about 60g of beans). And what happens when you run out of beans, can you refill and it continues to grind with the previous weight or does it retare? Sorry for the barrage of questions.