Advice for getting my second grinder

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#1: Post by mdumi »

Hello dear people,

I am in need of advice and I wanted to access the great wisdom and experience available here.

Basically, I am looking for my second grinder.

My setup is OKish (Lelit Bianca V2, Eureka Mignon Magnifico 16CR). I use my grinder mostly as single doser, which works kind of nice (the bellow really helps with consistent delivery of the ground amount of coffee).

However, due to too much caffeine intake (who would have guessed!?) I kind of have started drinking a lot of very tasty decaf. But now I have 2 types of beans always available. This makes switching between roasts kind of cumbersome. I mark my level on the grinder to be able to switch between roasts BUT I can never do it exact enough, leading to inconsistent shots. This is a waste of resources!

SO: I was thinking of getting a second grinder, hence I require your advice.

I was considering taking a DF83 but somehow the misalignment makes me wonder my choice. What would be your advice for the best grinder in the under 1000 Euros/Dollars price range? (ofc, I dream for an EK 43s but I lack the funds).

I am looking for tasty, clear, thick, rich espresso shots (regardless if caf or decaf).

What would you, coffeelovers recommend? Which good experiences do you have?

Thank you very much & greets from Berlin

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#2: Post by blondica73 »

Niche Zero if you are looking to mix it up with conical burrs. I found it very forgiving and easy to work with; also, it is a single dose grinder. If you want another flat burr grinder, Niche Duo comes to mind in that price range.

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#3: Post by molimo140 »

HG-1 Prime if you don't mind the hand grinder thang.

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#4: Post by Paris92 »

Going to follow along. I have the same issue. My wife drinks decaf a few days per week.

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#5: Post by Jeff »

Option-O Lagom Mini is a back-up grinder here. A good hand grinder would also be a reasonable option if the decaf is relatively easy to grind (compared to something like Tim Wendelboe).