Acopiono Arona is Lelit PL43

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#1: Post by steelsector »

I'm in the market for an entry level grinder for espresso, I came across the Lelit PL43 but right after I ordered the Bambino the grinder price went up from 150 EUR to 200+ where I'm not sure it's worth it anymore as there are Mignons close there, but wife does not like the look of the mignon :( she does like the Lelit.
Yesterday night I came across the Acopino Arona, what is looking like a re labeled Lelit, but I cannot find any information about that or is it a copy but it's at the original 150 EUR mark.

Does anyone know if they are the same or should I just wait for the Lelit to come down in price? Or is there anything worth better for espresso at this point what is small and looks similar.

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#2: Post by skansen »

I think that Acopina Arona is made by Lelit.
Similar case is La Pavoni Domus Bar. La Pavoni Domus Bar looks like Lelit Anita and is made by Lelit.