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BaristaBob wrote:Scott,

Who had the 25% off Black Friday deal last year? I'm itching to know... :shock:
Espresso Parts.


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This thread has made me wonder about using an app for espresso records. I've been using a Lunar for two or three years with no app. When dealing in a new bean, I write down the grinder setting, the PI time, the pull time and the final quantity of liquid. I guess there might be some advantage in automating this. Does anyone use an Acaia app with a Lunar for espresso?

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Yes, as mentioned in earlier post I use the free Brewmaster app from Acaia that lets you create profiles for your coffee in real time during the extraction, you then simply enter the rest of the details, brand name, roast type, brew temp ect...



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jevenator wrote:It's the Decent Espresso simple scale!! I'm guessing it's a lemon then. It's only in small increments like I said and doesn't always happen. I have a 100g calibration weight. If I plop it on there it will read it correctly.
My Simple performs exactly the same way. It's frustrating. I'm going to start using my AWS scale again.


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As I said in my earlier post...mine did fact the replacement did too. Once I switched to the Brewista2, most problems solved. But after two years, I'm looking to see what might help me tweak my extractions (eg, Acaia Lunar)...the never ending quest for the god-shot! 8)'s just upgraditis! :lol:
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More or less in the same boat ^^^

Brewista2 meets all my weighing requirements, durability repeatability etc. BUT getting more and more curious about other capabilities.

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