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DJL wrote:Anyway, I just blew over $3k on an espresso machine and grinder, may as well get the cadillac of coffee scales. ;-)
This certainly justifies the Acaia Lunar...really! I've been thinking about this for over a year, just haven't pulled the trigger. I use the Brewista2. It's been working flawlessly for over two years (just a little slow in response), after many $10 scales that disappointed me. If I switched to the Lunar it would be because of the app. I would want to plot the decay rate of my extractions to improve what's in the cup. That's it plain and simple...just concerned about data overload...sort of analysis paralysis type thing. :?
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DJL wrote:So I broke down and ordered a Silver Acaia Lunar at $300 (Canadian) which is crazy money for a small digital scale. I haven't received the device yet but already feeling remorse for this impulse purchase (I will have 30 days to return it). I've watched many YT videos on it, and read lots of reviews, comments here on HB. Seems the reviews are mixed, some love it, others not so much. Retailers like Clive and SCG recommend it, but some home-users aren't impressed.

A bit about my espresso experience: I have a new QM E61, HX machine and drink milk based espresso drinks. I care about improving my technique and goals are to learn and make great espresso for myself and family.

After sober 2nd thoughts, here are my reasons for thinking this purchase is foolish:
  • For an extra $300 I could have purchased an espresso machine with a built in PID/timer + a $10 digital scale. :-(
  • Seems like the Brewster coffee scale at 1/3 the cost has the same features. :-(
  • I enjoy using technology, but the Acaia apps sound mediocre at best. :-(
  • Acaia doesn't seem to be supporting the Lunar with timely firmware updates, bug fixes?
I realize some of this subjective and milage varies, but would appreciate if Lunar owners can chime in and set the record straight on this device, its usefulness and overall experience from cost/value, technology perspective.

Thanks in advance!
Knowing you have the "best" scale out right now? Yes! I use mine all the time as I really like being precise so I dont trust my volumetrics as some times it is off by 2-4ml in output. Sometimes I use it for pourover because I have tons of visitors and do like 3-4 v60s at a time.


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I got one a few months ago to replace a cheap amazon scale that shorted out when it got wet - I am liking the auto tare feature and the auto start of the timer when the first drops hit - works well in combo with the timer on the Bianca which starts when the shot is started - so I can account for total shot time and pre-infustion all things espresso.... an overpriced tool of limited objective value that I absolutely love!


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One of my favorite coffee toys 8)


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It's a scale. It weighs to the 0.1g precision required for repeatable espresso. Many scales do this.

The rest are subjective things. If they increase your enjoyment of your hobby, then it's worth the cost.

Twenty years ago, the most popular name for boy babies was Jacob and the most popular dog breed was the chocolate lab. Clearly those things brought joy to many people at the time. Ten years ago, (even five years ago), weighing was controversial. I'll bet anyone a steak dinner that there are people with Acacia Lunars today, who would have been against weighing ten years ago, had they been into espresso back then.

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#16: Post by RockyIII »

The Acaia Lunar is fast, accurate, and very attractive. Whether it is worth it is up to the buyer, but it is the best espresso scale I've ever purchased.


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I have used mine every day for 18 months. I got it at a 10% discount by signing up for Seattle Coffee Gear emails. I do appreciate its build and easy of changing from my chosen espresso mode to bean weighing mode - one push of the left side. I have a bean rack that holds 18 does and so when I go to refill it then its easy. I don't worry about it getting wet including when I flush the steam wand.

That all said I am surprised there is no competitor in the $100 price range.

Yes expensive, yet given all its use, I haven't looked back.

PS, I put a thin wrist band around mine that I got at some event for two purposes. Keeps water out of the USB port, but more importantly it is SO much easier to hold without it slipping out of your hand.
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RockyIII wrote:The Acaia Lunar is fast, accurate, and very attractive. Whether it is worth it is up to the buyer, but it is the best espresso scale I've ever purchased.

I agree with this! FYI - I was able to purchase at 25% off on Black Friday, so perhaps it may be worth waiting a bit for a deal.


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Got mine for 1.5 years now and wouldn't want to be without it. I owned cheap scales and the Brewista before but the Lunar is in a completely different league. I think it's worth its money as it's fast, accurate and almost fully customizable. I hated switching 6 different modes on the Brewista everytime I went from weighing coffee, pulling espresso or making pourover where you can turn off modes in the Lunar and switch in a instant. Build quality is also so much better than the other scales. I also don't use the apps.

The only downside on the Lunar for me is that it lacks a battery indication and can only be seen through the app but I turned bluetooth off to save battery as I don't use the apps. It should give a 15% battery warning but in the real world it just shuts down when the battery is low without any warning and they haven't fixed that in over a year. As the scale battery gives me 3 months to work with it's a minor flaw as charging it every other month avoids getting this problem.

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Received my Acaia Lunar yesterday. Got it set up and did the latest firmware update. It's heavier than I expected and seems to work well. I'm using the auto-tare, time & weight setting. It's already helping me with extraction results.

The position of the USB port is odd and the fact that there's no plug is downright silly especially for E61 machine owners.To avoid water getting in there I've put a piece of tape over the port and elastic band around the unit also helps with holding the unit. Didn't see this in the instructions, there's a plastic film over the display, does it serve a purpose other than preventing scratches? Can I remove it?

The brewmaster app is ok, I certainly prefer using it to set up than going into the menus directly on the unit.

I'll do a detailed video review and post it on YT in the next few days in case anyone is interested...