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#11: Post by Brien »

I nabbed one lat week. Pretty nice, packaging was nice (very Apple like).

Haven't paired it to brewbar yet... pretty sure the rubber mat is a must. This thing probably will get scratched in no time as anodized aluminum tends to do (again, very Apple like!).


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Glad this thread was here.... i totally missed that time notion in the content about 'restocking' couldn't figure out what the heck they were talking about...

Just bought one... :-) and they are sold out already

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#13: Post by maximatica »

So, I have a Lunar 2021 I got a month or so ago and have waded through their docs (which I am sure they are very proud of) and have yet to find any clues as to how to put it into BlueTooth mode.

The apps don't find it, and it doesn't show up in my BT listings on my phone even though they claim it comes with BT enabled by default.

Thanks for any tips/advice/info.



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#14: Post by yakster »

When I first got the Kickstarter Pearl years ago I couldn't connect to BlueTooth because my phone wasn't compatible with the BlueTooth 4.0 spec. Most phones these days should support this spec but I suppose that it's worth checking in your case that your using devices that support this spec.

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#15: Post by maximatica replying to yakster »

Thanks for the reply, but it's an iPhone 13.

The little BT icon does not show on the scale, but it is not clear in their docs whether it should show when it is on that BT is available or that it only shows when it has linked up with an app.




#16: Post by beans+crumble »

On Acaia's troubleshooting section of their support website it states: "Check your scale's connection by using a Bluetooth detection application on your phone, such as this one here. When your scale is turned on, it should appear as original Pearl, Pearl 2021, Pearl Model S, Lunar, or Pyxis in the list of Bluetooth items. If you are unable to find your scale when it is turned on, your scale's connection may be faulty or turned off. Please send us an email" ... and-Tricks

Also have you attempted to switch Bluetooth off/on on the scale? Instructions are on pages 15-19 in the online user manual. ... 101_EN.pdf

Hope this helps!