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Being thrifty, I've been watching the pricing on the Acacia scales for most of the year and am learning that they never go on sale. On the chance a site is doing some sort of promo, they are usually a brand that is excluded. Is this right?


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Yeah they are always pretty pricey.

If you're open to a less expensive alternative, the Brewista Smart Scale is quite good and generally about 1/3 of the price of the Acaia.


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The only time I've ever seen the Lunar on sale was Espresso Parts on Black Friday ($25 off). If you're hoping to get a new Lunar on sale, I would advise not holding your breath. My Brewista 2 died suddenly after 4 1/2 years, and I replaced it with a new, full-price Lunar. After using the Lunar for a week, I wish I had switched much sooner - even though it's almost triple the cost. It is so much more responsive and the numbers are much easier and more pleasant to read (5 levels of brightness setting; currently at the default, 2)). It's such a joy to use.

Going from the Brewista to the Lunar is comparable to driving a hooptie for years and then jumping into a Mercedes AMG edition.
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CamBam_HB wrote:snip... they are usually a brand that is excluded. Is this right?
When I bought my Lunar I tried to order it from three sites that offered discounts and all three said the Acaia was not eligible.

CamBam_HB (original poster)

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Cool, thanks for all the feedback. May just have to bite the bullet soon, been through plenty of the cheaper options and was waiting patiently on a sale.


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I was able to get my Pearl new on eBay (sold by someone clearing their stock) for $60 and like new Lunar from Amazon warehouse deal for $140

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I can really sympathize with the Acacia scale prices. I have a hard time buying anything at full price. Waited for a while hoping a Luna would go on sale. Didn't happen. Only sales were old models.

Sometimes vendors have rebate sales. If they have a points program as well you can accumulate points and use them with a rebate to cut down a purchase price. Makes it hurt less.
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If you have an Instagram account and have not bought anything through their shopping section yet you may have a 20% off first purchase coupon, that's what I used for my Lunar. If you're eligible it'll pop up when you start browsing.


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Just purchased one from Verve Coffee Roasters using a 10% code for subscribing, with free shipping.
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Congratulation. Enjoy the scale. It is a good one.
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