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I had great experience buying from them : ... so-machine

And also, I guess you are from The Netherlands? If you decide to spend a little have Strietman, your countryman, he makes levers that are not easy to beat! And perhaps you won't need to upgrade ever again :)
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A few things against the Mara-X;
- It's quite small. This can be both a benefit as well as feeling cramped. At first I thought my Rocket was quite big, but now I'd wished it was just a few centimeters wider to give the water tap and handle some extra space

- The Mara-X is not exactly a stunner. Mainly due to the low feet and matte finish. Compared to most of its competitors that are slightly more expensive, no one will pick it for its looks (and considering a machine like this is going to be an eye-catcher in your kitchen, being used 4-5+ times a day is well worth €200 more I'd say)

- It has a few technological benefits that stand out on paper, in practice once you've dialed in your workflow and regarding results in the cup, benefits will presumably be very minor compared to ECM/Profitec/Rocket counterparts. You can dial in temperature just fine without the Mara-X approach, it just takes a bit more effort

- Build quality is probably a level below the top-end (think plastic screw holders instead of metal onces, no copper pipes inside). Does this mean the machine is less durable or unsuited for home use? Probably not, but it seems to be an important factor amongst coffee enthousiasts (including myself)

- Price:performance ratio is a (typical Dutch) disease. Most beautiful/exciting/entertaining/horrifying-
/heartwarming/passionate experiences never were the result of over-rationalized decisions. Consider espresso-making like driving/owning a Ferrari, one that says "BBBWWWOOAARRHHH and MEEWH" once you put your foot on the gas rather than telling you about it's fuel consumption per 100km

Don't take the above statements too seriously, they're just meant to give another perspective as asked. The Mara-X is a very capable machine and probably deserves a 'best-buy' award. Have a look at what James Hoffmann has to say about this machine in comparison with a Profitec and Rocket.
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Ypuh wrote:- Build quality is probably a level below the top-end (think plastic screw holders instead of metal onces, no copper pipes inside).
https://coffeeequipmentreviews.wordpres ... ousel-1784