98mm Grinder for Lever Machine

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#1: Post by Finley72 »

I've recently obtained a Pro 800 and as such my Synchronika is not being used very much these days. I suspect it will move along, since I really enjoy the lever.
I enjoy medium roasts, both light medium and darker medium.
I'm currently using a Ceado E37SD with SSP 83mm HU burrs which work well for the Pro 800, however I was planning on a different grinder. (physical size, workflow etc)
I have a Monolith Flat Max on pre order with the intention of exploring more light medium/medium roasts with the DB since it has more capability with temp and flow control.
I'm thinking this might be too much grinder if that's a thing. I've been looking at other options such as the Veraslab M4 / P64. I prefer flats since I've tried the Niche/MC4-5. Not with the 800 though. Any thoughts or experience is appreciated.

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#2: Post by redpig »

I've been thrilled to pair Lagom P100s with lever machines. The grind quality and workflow are great. I have one paired with a Robot and another with a Cremina (sometimes SL).

I think lever machines can be more forgiving, especially direct/manual levers because you can adjust on the fly, but I don't think that means they can't realize the glory of a well-aligned, high quality grinder :)
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