60mm flat burr recommendation

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My mom has one of those cheap Amazon Fuji Royal clones for her grinder. It has been fine for her Keurig reusable cups but she is wanting to do basic pour overs. I've checked out the grind and there are a lot of fines as expected. I know nothing about the two-hole 60mm burr category so thought I'd ask here what would be recommended.

I noticed YouTubers recommend the "Gevi" burr but all the links provided send me to an Alibaba page where 2 burrs is the minimum order plus god-knows-what in shipping and likely a month wait... that would end up being $50+ for $16 burrs. That is fine if they are the best in the price range, I could potentially unload the unneeded second burr on eBay if we went that route.

Something domestic that can be ordered and come relatively quickly is preferred for her. Budget could be around $50 on them. She's not looking to spend SSP money on a cheapo grinder.

I also looked into the Urbanic 07 burrs but can't find them for sale.