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So, I've owned an Astra Pro, several Astra Gourmets, 2 Juniors, an Elektra Deliziosa, and a bunch of higher end stuff. I too use a lot of my equipment for QC purposes, and I have to say that the jump to electronic temperature control on a saturated/stable group is worth it. I love Gourmets, especially the one I had with a temp probe drilled into the group just above the outlet, but for professional work I prefer the consistency and ease of making temp adjustments on the digital controls...although a big brew boiler isn't necessarily a benefit in this case. I wouldn't do QC on my Americana or any other big lever. I don't have any specific suggestions, sorry about that. I feel like there's a lot newer more modern kit that I'm curious about but am still waiting to get some first hand experience with, specifically the Decent and the Micra. No one seems that hot on it but I'd really like to get my hands on a La Spaz Dream because I loved the ergonomics of my Vivaldi but didn't care the temp controls and temp inconsistency
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Gourmets are awesome, but IMO ugly haha. And at current pricing, I'm not spending that kind of money on essentially a Pro on steroids, the espresso wouldn't be better anyway. I intend to move up.


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Is it possible to put a smallish coffee cart at the end of that bench/entry to kitchen?
Even a 2ft bench opens up your options massively.

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Definitely. And tempting. But the wife....


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Just got to sell it man.
She will get a whole lot of bench space back and clear access to the overheads.
Let her pick the style on the coffee cart. :)

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I really don't like you guys. Now I'm getting sucked down the lever rabbit hole. :o :roll: :mrgreen:

Londinium, Strega, and Nurri look killer. Cremina is interesting, but the temp issues will piss me off I think.


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Good looking coffee equipment definitely help with the wife acceptance factor!
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It's funny how universal this is, and conversely many guys find build quality or function more important.

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Poster: hey Guise help me decide what machine is best for me

Guise: blah blah x or maybe y because <5k words of expert advice>

Poster: hey went with option c because eh



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