3D printed stand for Levercraft WDT Tool

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#1: Post by Fercho »

Been using the Levercraft WDT Tool for a few months with great results! Also, I believe it's well worth it's cost for its craftsmanship and experience when using. The only thing that left me wanting was a proper stand.

A few months ago I asked a 3D designer friend of mine if he could help me with remixing a WDT stand model I found on Thingiverse in order to fit the Levercraft. He did and printed a few units for me to try. It's been working wonderfully and can totally say it makes the experience even better.

Below goes the link for anyone that would want to download and print: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4945544

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#2: Post by emradguy »

Nice! That's one thing lacking for sure. Many of us stick it into a demitasse cup filled with rice or old beans.

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#3: Post by _Ryan_ » replying to emradguy »

I do the dunk into a black espresso cup to clean it then onto the stand. I've just now realised that I could reduce an item on my bench. :lol:


#4: Post by jpender »

I think Levercraft should have done what I did with my cork & 3D printer needle knockoff version: make the top flat so that it easily stands up on it's own:

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#5: Post by emradguy »

I'm sure that if I put mine pointed upwards like that, I would end up with at least one needle stick. I'd much rather have something like that 3D printed stand. However, I'm waiting for the Kafatek one that is currently in prototype phase. The sneak peek Denis put up on his forum looks very elegant.


#6: Post by jpender »

Are the needles on the Levercraft that sharp? You'd be hard pressed to do more than irritate your hand with these 3D printer "needles". Or were you concerned about leaning over and poking yourself in the eye?

For me the worries are:

- burning myself with boiling water
- poking my eye on the raised Robot claw
- dropping the grinder or PF on my foot
- overcaffeinating

It's a dangerous sport.

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#7: Post by pizzaman383 »

that is a nice design! Have you thought about putting a rim around the bottom where the pins go to catch any stray grounds that stick to the pins?
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#8: Post by emradguy »

I don't know if they're really that sharp, and have no desire to test them. However, needles pointing upwards would concern me a little...but, only my hand, not my eye. My only real danger on the bar is the Compressa lever (I don't feel at risk of sticking my fingers into a running grinder, steam burning myself, or PorcuPressing my hand).