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Why someone lefts them sharp? There is no need to sting the coffee in basket. I had cut my needles and rounded them on sandpaper.


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BaristaBob wrote:Yes they are!! I drew blood when reaching for it one day(it can sit inverted, needles up). After that, it's home was a demitasse cup filled with old beans. No injuries since!
I wonder what sort of needles Levercraft uses? The 0.4mm 3D printer nozzle cleaner needles I bought are thin but not sharp.

Or could it be due to a difference of skin type?

Do the Levercraft needles actually come to a point?

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Mine do not. But the ends are cut at a bit of an angle, so they have a bit of a hypodermic needle appearance to them. The needles in my tool do have a sharp end on the side that is locked into the handle. I suppose Eric could take the time to polish each and every needle down to a blunt point, but how much are we willing to pay him to do that? Mass assembly of these is tedious enough!

For those who are interested, Eric receives handles, inserts, screws and needles separately and assembles these himself. It's a labor of love.

I like the stands! I just toss mine in the cabinet on end and haven't had a stick yet.


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Yes, I agree that it was a labor of love for Eric, maybe even some spilled blood. This is the note that Eric sent along with the WDT tool. Notice the warning at the top of the note!

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Most of the 3D printer "needles" for nozzle cleaning (which is what many use in 3D printed WDT tools) are actually 0.4mm stainless steel acupuncture needles, so yes, they are quite sharp!

When I've 3D printed WDT tools, I snip a few mm off the end to get rid of the point and then use a flap sanding wheel on my dremel to round them off a little bit; primarily so they don't scratch up the inside of my baskets.