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#1: Post by erviodm »

Im looking to buy a ecm from them, but I have some questions.

They usually reply to emails or whatsapp messages?
I've been trying to get a answer from them for the last 9 days.

9 days without any reply is a red flag from me. If I need to activate the warranty I don't want to wait +9 days to get a response.

Maybe I'm unlucky and they are on vacation/holidays.

Have you ever bought from them? How was the experience?

Thank you

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#2: Post by isido993 »

I bought my ECM Synchronica from them, they always replied within a few hours and even on weekends, I was very happy with my experience in buying from them. But it was in then end of 2021, maybe things have changed.


#3: Post by loscorrales »

I bought my vbm domobar there, 1 month ago. They replied in hours to all I asked. May they dont see your message. Try again.

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#4: Post by Shakespeare »

Is there prices include the 23% VAT or is it added later

erviodm (original poster)

#5: Post by erviodm (original poster) »

Includes, you can see the price without vat under the price.