220v grinders in US for traveling to South America

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#1: Post by JoeyDollar »

I'll be visiting family in Lima, Peru, this Christmas, 2021, and would like to gift them with a nice grinder for drip & pour over.
High-end appliances are difficult to fnd there, as it is a relatively poor country and there is little market for luxury brands.

I have done a preliminary search online for Baratza & Ceado grinders with 220 voltage and found they were not available in the U.S.

I would like to purchase Ceado or Eureka preferably, but ordering while in Peru involves cost prohibitive tariffs applied by Peruvian customs.

Any ideas how I can get a 220v grinder delivered to me here in the US?


#2: Post by topcat2001 »

You can buy from espressocoffeeshop or other retailers based in Europe. I have never ordered from them but others have and I have them on the list though for resale purposes I plan to buy a 110v if I ever go that route. You can search the forum for feedback from others who have.