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I got the following in an email from Sweet Marias.
Looking for a great deal? We just dropped the price on six excellent coffees...just in time to restock your holiday roasting stash.

Nicaragua Los Altiplanos Java Cultivar - $6.88 $7.65 - Accents of demerara sugar, baking spice, spearmint, bell pepper, and tea note.

Ethiopia Nensebo Refisa - $7.33 $8.15 - Hints of yuzu citrus and lemon, pink fruit gum, honeydew melon, fragrant jasmine florals and bergamot tea.

Ethiopia Kayon Mountain Taaroo - $7.42 $8.25 - Tea-like, bright and distinct. Star jasmine, herbal rue, tart citrus, and passion fruit hints.

Zambia Mafinga Peaberry - $6.34 $7.05 - Chewy bittersweetness you can almost sink your teeth into, molasses, cocoa powder, Tootsie Roll chocolate taffy, subtle hints of fruit and fresh herbs.

Kenya Kiambu Fram Farm AB - $8.46 $9.40 - Intense cup sweetness, with fruited characteristics like mandarin orange and other citrus notes, dark berry, black currant tea, snappy acidity, and an intoxicating fruit-floral aroma in light roasts.

El Salvador Comasagua San Antonio - $6.12 $6.80 - Molasses, date sugar, bittersweet chocolate, toffee almond, and sesame hint.

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I've got major fomo for not buying a Robot when it was discounted at Prima...
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Barista model from Cafune.ca is 549.00 CAD, which comes out to only about $405.00. Shipping to US is flat $10.00 per order and mine got here in just a few days in NJ. Not sure how $415 compares to what Prima was, it is now $449.00 with free shipping there.