1ZPresso K-Max or ZP6 for mainly pourover?

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#1: Post by SKD45 »

Hey Team,
Just looking for some opinions comparing these 2 grinders before I pull the trigger to order one. I was sold on the ZP6, but the allure of having an espresso and pour over capable grinder with the magnetic catch cup has me on the fence. Is the flavour profile produced by the ZP6 that much better than a K-Max that you would sacrifice ability to grind for espresso? Many thanks :)

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Team HB

#2: Post by luca »

I haven't tried the K-Max, but the difference is probably that the ZP6 will have more clarity of flavour and be less muddy. So pick the bunch of compromises that appeals to you the most, or that you will hate the least.
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#3: Post by Jeff »

The K-series is no slouch for filler. Patrik Rolf of April spoke highly of it in a video. I like the magnetic catch cup. For me, that's more smiles than a subtly different profile in the cup.