1Zpresso JX Pro vs Eureka Mignon

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Grim Tuesday

#1: Post by Grim Tuesday »

After concluding my La San Marco SM90 was just quite simply too large for my kitchen and retained way too many grounds in its doser assembly, I finally sold it. So now I've got $200 towards a new espresso grinder! I'm willing to spend up to $300, and the two I've narrowed it down to are the 1ZPresso JX Pro and the Eureka Mignon. The way I see it, the advantages of the hand grinder (quiet, no retention, doesn't take up counter space, doesn't make any counter mess) pretty much exactly counterbalance its major disadvantage, which is it has to be cranked at for a minute before making a shot. The cheaper price is nice too, so I'm leaning towards it ($180 vs $280). But I think the thing that will put me over the edge towards choosing one of these two grinders is grind quality.

Has anyone here used both of them and could speak to that? At the end of the day, I want the best cup of coffee. I'm also open to any other grinder suggestions in the under-$300 price range. I am only concerned with their ability for espresso; I have an Encore with Preciso burrs that serves me well for pourover. My espresso machine is an older ECM Giotto, so it definitely deserves a good grinder.


#2: Post by _Ryan_ »

Own a J-max, model up from the JX Pro with an evolution of that same burr-set. (Also own a Mazzer Mini Electronic, an on-demand hopper 64mm flat burr grinder)
Brother in-law has a Mignon.

I'd take a MIgnon from a workflow perspective before even comparing grinds (which we haven't done side by side).
I wouldn't want to hand crank multiple shots, or have to hand crank for 45s or more when I'm half asleep.

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#3: Post by Urupackers »

I have a 1Zpresso Jx Pro that I use with my Flair Pro 2 espresso machine and is a fantastic grinder for espresso, I grind 16/18 grs. of medium roasted beans in 30/40 seconds, and the tight adjustment, 12.5 microns allow me to find the sweet spot for my beans, well constructed in aluminium body and 48 mm steel burrs, I totally recommend it, and at 160 dollars is the best grinder by much at this price point.

Grim Tuesday (original poster)

#4: Post by Grim Tuesday (original poster) »

I should probably add that speed is not such a big deal for me since I mostly drink filter coffee during the week, and my machine takes at least fifteen minutes to heat up anyways, so speed is usually not of the essence. At this point in my life I almost always pull two shots, one for me and one of the lady. Never more, rarely less. On paper I'm just about the perfect demographic to take advantage of the hand grinders. But point taken on workflow.

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Team HB

#5: Post by Jeff »

I recently got a new-to-me JX-Pro and found it relatively easy to grind 14 g of Italian espresso blend. 17 g of Tim Wendelboe, light-roast wasn't pleasant, with it "jamming" on the much harder beans. The cup it produced from those light-roast beans was surprisingly good. It was different than my Niche Zero, but very enjoyable with no notable "defects", just a different flavor balance. I think it's a good grinder at roughly half the price of a C40 or similar. Good enough that it will probably go to work with me and my Robot.

I'm not sure many other modestly priced hand grinders would be any easier with light-roast beans. It seems there's a trade-off between speed and ability to grind harder beans.


#6: Post by Yan »

Another option for sub 300usd espresso hand grinder...
I don't have the grinder just give you another brand to considerate...

Orphan Espresso OG Grinder


#7: Post by roosterben »

The JX Pro is great for espresso flavour wise, I also use/d it with a Flair, but for <= medium roasts as noted above it is hard work.

Good advice above if you do go for a 1ZPresso to get one of the coated burr version as they are easier for harder beans.

Not sure if it is ok to link to 1ZPresso espresso guide;


Based on this the J Max or JE PLus would be a better bet (easier grind) if you go the manual route.

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#8: Post by _Ryan_ » replying to roosterben »

My j-max has coated burrs. Sucks on light beans. I'll be very selective which beans I take camping with the Nanopresso.

Mazzer has no such limitation.

Grim Tuesday (original poster)

#9: Post by Grim Tuesday (original poster) »

I've used a friend's 1zpresso JE (or one of the other lower models, I forget) for pourover with light roasts and had no problems. Is it much worse, effort wise for espresso?

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#10: Post by BuzzedLightyear »

I love the Izpresso grinders and I think they have potential to change the coffee industry

I own the Q2 and the JX

For espresso I would get the JE Pro, J Max, or the K max....the magnetic catch cup will dramatically improve the workflow time especially when doing multiple shots

Get the JE Pro if you want more sweetness, J Max for finer dialing in of espresso, or the K max if you want faster grind times but less adjustments and more acidity in the cup