1500€ espresso machine/grinder upgrade - how to make the most from my money

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

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Long time reader, first time poster here. I'm currently using a Sage/Breville Barista Pro, and I felt like I can't pull the shots as I wanted to. Making decent lattes, but I want more. My routine is 2 double shots every day (one morning, one afternoon), divided into 2 single shots each, and frothed milks. Flow if it matters: grind, tamper, put the portafilter in. Froth the first milk jug. Brew, make a latte for my wife. Froth the second milk jug, make my latte.

My stretched budget is 1500e, grinder and espresso machine included. For that I could buy a Lelit Elizabeth and a EM Specialita, but I don't know if there is a better combination I should consider?

I could also get a Dual Boiler at same price as Elizabeth. MaraX is about 200e more expensive.

Thank you.


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I had same budget, 1500e, went with Elizabeth and Specialista after first month I can say I am happy with purchase completely.

delta76 (original poster)

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Update, I could buy marax for about 977e, and Elizabeth for 1077e. Is marax better choice that way?


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If it were my choice, I would go for the MaraX and add the flow control kit. But you can't go wrong with either machine.

delta76 (original poster)

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Just want to report back that I went with Lelit Elizabeth and Specialita, placed the order today and eagerly waiting it to arrive on my birthday.
I like the look and feel of Mara X better, but in the end I decided I prefer features to form. With Mara X I will need to buy a scale to know where to cut of the brewing, while with Elizabeth I can just program forget about it (I guess?)
Almost pulled the trigger on Zenith 65e HS as it's on sale (still 200e more expensive than EMS), but I realized it's built for commercial setting, so retention will be an issue when I only do 2 shots a day. So well, I'll be happy with a Specialita + 5 years warranty!
Thank everyone.