15 1/2 inch Cabinet Clearance - Recommendations Grinder and Prosumer Espresso Machines - Budget $3500

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

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I would like to ask for recommendations on upgrades for my set up.

I currently have a Gaggia Classic and Gaggia MDF grinder and would like to upgrade and spend maybe $3,500 total. The problem I have is that our cabinets are 15 1/2 inches from the counter and this essentially limits what and where I can place the new machines. Also, I would like a plumbable machine so that I don't have to pull the machine out to put water into it and also add a filter on the water line.

I am currently looking at the Eureka Mignon Specialito as the grinder (14 inches high) and the La Spaziale Dream or Lucca A53 ( 15.1 inches high ).
I am asking if anyone might recommend these machines or others that may fit under my cabinets.
Thank you HR Maul Texas

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The La Spaziale series seems to be well regarded in multiple threads here.

I think a Lelit Elizabeth and some sliders might fit, but you'd need to check dimensions carefully. Sliders as it is a reservoir machine. Not necessarily "better", but an option.

A DF64 looks like it would also fit. I'm not sure how frustrating it might be to feed beans or deal with a puffer with only 2" or so of clearance. It's light enough that you could pull it forward to use. Same for a Niche Zero.

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#3: Post by kaptain_zero »

Interesting question.

My cabinets come down so I only have 16.25 inches.

I had a Profitec Pro 500 and recently upgraded to a Profitec Pro 600. It required me to take the cup rail off, but I placed the machine in the corner so that it's only partly covered by the cabinet. If you are planing to shove the entire espresso machine under the cabinet, you'll have difficulties in filling the tank with water. I'm able to tip the top cover and slide it out and can fill the tank fairly easily. Others have devised solutions such as cutting a hole in the cabinet so water could be poured in from inside the cabinet and such.

A La Marzocco Linea Mini would just squeeze in and the water tank slides out to where the drip tray is for filling, but the price is rather up there.

If you single dose (I do with a Niche), you might want to have a look at the Eureka Oro Mignon Single Dose grinder, it should be shipping in the latter half of November this year. I was on the fence myself between a Eureka Minion and the Niche.... The minion requires some tinkering to reduce the amount of coffee retained if you single dose. My Niche has to be pulled out to use, but I have the tamping station in front so I can only open the top part way.


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The Breville Dual Boiler is about 15"tall. It has a front fill door which is extremely convenient. While it's not a simple job to plumb it in like some machines, it has been done. I used a float valve for a while on mine to great success, but I just fill from a water jug now as I am using Rpavlis instead of a filter/treatment system.

As said above, either the Niche Zero or the DF64 will fit under the cabinet, but you'll likely need to pull them out to feed your beans.