0.2mm puck screen that fits Breville Barista Express

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#1: Post by cookier4757 »

I have recently brought a Breville Barista Express and I decided to get a 1mm thick puck screen but it turns out when I use 18 grams of coffee, it doesn't fit. I have tried searching everywhere for a 0.2mm puck screen that fits with Breville but I have found none. Do any of you know where I could get one that ships to Australia?


#2: Post by boren »

How about disposable paper puck screens? They're even thinner and you don't need to fish them out of the knockbox.


#3: Post by bonjing »

I haven't tried them myself but I am curious about their offerings:



#4: Post by JamesB517 »

I think the Sworksdesign one above would work just fine, but make sure to get it in 53.5.
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