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Postby CrayonShinchan on Thu Jul 07, 2011 2:27 pm

Jeff wrote:Another limitation of the Brita approach is it does nothing about Chloramine, which EBMUD uses.

Very few filters are rated for Chloramine reduction.

Charlie of Your Water Company here in the Bay Area is one of the few vendors that I know of that deal with it. He's a bit of a fanatic (if he made espresso he'd have a Scace, pressure- and thermo-loggers, a 0.01 g scale, 27 filter baskets,...) and we've been very happy with the results over the years. We have the five-filter under-sink set up and Charlie stops by every six months to disassemble, clean, and replace the filters at what I consider a very reasonable price.

Cool, thanks for the link to Your Water Company.

Re: Chloromine, I don't really see how it would affect the taste of coffee but it certainly poses a health risk over time, it seems. What do I know? I'm chugging Brita water like there's no tomorrow. :lol:
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