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    "As long as we were roasting bigger and better too (aka darker), 18 gram underextracted shots sort of worked. But now, with the fashion of lighter roasts, the underextracted shots really bite. You would think that we'd just start dosing at 14 grams again, but noooooo, that would be an unamerican and wussy." --Jim Schulman, Differences between baskets of same size, different brands
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    "Eight and a quarter years later of blood, sweat, long recession weathering 90-100 hour weeks ... now able to open our dream. It is sweet not having to settle for 2nd hand or 2nd best equipment or coffee house space itself any longer!" -- Mike McGinnis, First visit to Compass Coffee's new location
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    "The unfortunate downside to espresso at home is if it's cheap, it aint going to be easy or consistent. If it's easy and consistent, it aint going to be cheap." --Tom Chips, New buyer of espresso machine/grinder
  • TomC: The Favorite Espressos 2015 is now complete!
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    "Easier and [much] cheaper to replace a grinder than a wife." --Jack Howard, Steel Cut Oats in My Coffee Grinder!?!
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    "If you do the work yourself, I cannot stress strongly enough that you should have an electrician check it out before firing it up." --Maurice, Vintage E61 wiring questions
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    "Using cheap beans to dial in your espresso kit is like filling your car with cheap gas and attempting a tune-up." --Gary Seeman, Trouble with mist-like channeling from bottomless portafilter
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    "What I love about espresso is that you can 'taste the talent'!" -- John Buckman on daily visits to the Hong Kong cafe of Kapo Chiu, 2nd place World Barista Champion, 2013. Decent Espresso promises rock-solid temperature and pressure for less than $1000
  • HB: Welcome new sponsor Blazing Bean Roasters! And in recognition of the HB community, they are offering a 10% discount with code HMBARISTA.
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    "I came across this tamper and had to have it, the handle was nice and just the shape I wanted... but it's 58mm diameter, and my basket is I dunno, I'm not a metric kinda guy. My double basket measures about 2.030 inches give or take 5 thousandths (it's not exactly round), so this necessitated removal of around 0.260 of an inch." --Walt Tani, The stupid things we do for coffee
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    "Machines break, sometimes before they're sold, often just after, and customers like to thrash them for years. Keeping customers happy and machines running can cost as much as making them in the first place." --Alan Frew, Decent Espresso promises rock-solid temperature and pressure for less than $1000
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    "When I tried doing Rao-style profiles in this manner, they consistently beat out all my other efforts including the approaches that I had liked best in prior trials. I am always game for some blind testing of roasting theories." --Mark Spottswood, Scott Rao on The Flick
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    "The whole point of a lever machine is that there are far fewer constraints on making good shots, and therefore no mandatory guidelines." - Jim Schulman, Lever Espresso Machines, Fewer Constraints on Making Good Shots?
  • HB: FYI.. Sponsor "Boot Camp Coffee" is offering free video mini-course on Coffee Roasting.
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    "So from now on, I'm leaving the high heel profiles to the super model roasters, and I'm going back to my comfortable slipper." --Jim Schulman, Back to caramel bomb coffees
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    "Going back years, the question of puckology comes up regularly. What is this fascination with the firmness of pucks? If you want firmer pucks, dose higher. But honestly, as long as the pucks are consistent, firm versus soft really doesn't matter." --Dan Kehn, Need Help: Espresso puck is always spongy
  • HB: Pat Moore joins team HB!
  • TomC: Take a look at what the WBC finalist and Hong Kong Barista Champion Dawn Chan Kwun Ho has done with light roasted coffee served as espresso: Sous Vide Espresso Extraction-WBC finalist Dawn Chan Kwun Ho
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    "Vendors typically think all their customers are whining idiots, since whining idiots are who they hear from day in and day out." --Jim Schulman, Chris' Coffee says: Don't descale!
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    "What is the best wine in the world under $30? This is an absurd question as is the question about espresso gear. What is the best college in the US? Again a meaningless question. The good news is that at the budgets you've outlined, the real limiting factor will definitely be the person pulling the shot." --Hugh, Best espresso machine/grinder
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    "Put an amateur racer in a Formula car and there's no limit to how bad he can be. But put Michael Schumacher in a mid level sports car and there is a limit to how good he can be. Skills are needed, but once you have skills, the car matters too. Great espresso takes both. --Nick, Grinders - Why is bigger better in a home setting?
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    "Think some of the other posters went a bit overboard on the gear side, to me it's about the result and not about the equipment... guess I'm a minimalist on espresso as with my approach to audio." --Marcel, Built-In Espresso Machine
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    "Badly paid job full of annoying people customers. Are you really sure you want to do it?" asks Lukas, to which Dave replies "That applies to most jobs! Just remember: everyone brings joy - some when they arrive and others when they leave." How can I work as a barista?
  • HB: Nossa Coffee is offering HB members 20% off for their Microlot coffees and Full Cycle. Discount code is HBDEAL20. Thanks GeoffPDX for arranging the discount!
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    "This will be obvious to experienced members of this forum; however I shudder to think how much time I wasted changing grind settings, temperatures, pre-infusion times and much else, when the real culprit was the coffee I had been using." --Matt Hoffman, The coffee is more important than I realised
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