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  • another_jim: The 2014 HB Homeroasting Competion is on. Ken Davids will judge the brew finalists.
  • Quotable Quote:
    "I'm not going criticize anyone for how they want to learn. Like two golfers playing in the rain that see two people in a boat fishing. One golfer comments 'look at those fools fishing in the rain' and one fisherman comments 'look at those fools playing golf in the rain.'" --Keith Jones, Grinder Recommendations
  • TomC: Don't forget to get your home roast submissions in on time! Contact me with any questions: Springtime Homeroasters Competition - discussion thread
  • Quotable Quote:
    "There are no short cuts to becoming a highly skilled barista. You need to pull and taste lots of shots. You need to X. You need to Y. You need to... Why do I keep saying "need"? Because you can't access what high-end equipment does better without these skills." --Russel, Should I feel guilty about buying a La Marzocco GS/3?
  • Quotable Quote:
    "If milk is foamed to the point of dryness with a gummy consistency, or contains large bubbles, and is added to espresso in any ratio, whether or not flavored with syrups or dusted with cocoa or cinnamon, the resulting drink is called swill." --Rich (boar_d_laze), Volume of latte/cappuccino for best taste
  • HB: I finally posted on the HB Facebook page. If you like it, bonk the Like button. If you don't, well, that's OK too.
  • HB: TomC and drgary join Team HB. Welcome gentlemen!
  • Quotable Quote:
    "Coffee oils and aromatic compounds are volatile. After a month, you're essentially trying to extract what's not there anymore. You're pushing hot water thru ground cellulose." --Tom Chips, Aged espresso bean results fast and watery extraction flow?
  • Quotable Quote:
    "You want a good shot? Go make some espresso. Pull. Taste. Observe. Read some more, and then practice some more. This is FOOD we're talking about here. It's not brain surgery. It's not magic." --Dan S., How many cafes are getting bored with espresso?
  • Quotable Quote:
    "There's always a temptation to believe it only applies to clueless amateurs; but as many abashed wine and food experts know, the more expertise you have, the greater your store of experience and vocabulary with which you can delude yourself." --Jim Schulman, Want your coffee to taste better? Call it Eco-friendly
  • Quotable Quote:
    "Feeling like I know zero. But hey, it's a win if I can get everyone to call HX machines 'humpy things'" --Damon Bowe, HX vs. Double Boiler Espresso Machines
  • Quotable Quote:
    "In real life terms, if you've got an unexpected demand for a particular machine, you can be looking at a 4 to 6 month delay between the time you order them and when they arrive. At which time you can only hope they're still popular." --Alan Frew, Why is it so difficult to find espresso equipment in stock in the USA?
  • Quotable Quote:
    "AND if you want to really make a difference in the coffee world out HERE, kiss your job and security good-bye like I did and do something about it. Complaining is easy." --Mike McGinness, owner of Compass Coffee Roasting, Why Do Cafes with Great Machines Make Bad Espresso?
  • another_jim: 2013 HB Homeroasting Competition is live. See the announcement for details and the discussion thread for questions.
  • Quotable Quote:
    "Of the two grinders you asked to compare, there is a difference. One will be inadequate and the other woefully inadequate. I'll let you decide which you prefer." --Brandon (pacificmanitou), Baratza Virtuoso vs. Rancilio Rocky
  • Quotable Quote:
    "I distinctly recall my disappointment the first time I tried a cup of specialty coffee. I didn't want a clean and nuanced cup. I wanted a bitter and roasty brew. People learn to like what they drink everyday. It's tough to overcome that without changing their expectations somehow." --David, When "good" coffees fail to impress
  • Quotable Quote:
    "If you pull different espresso blends each day, double boilers are a pain since you can't change temperatures on the fly. If you pull just one very persnickety blend, an HX is a pain since you can't dial it in its temperature as precisely and repeatedly. You just need to know how you like to pull shots." --Jim Schulman, HX vs. double boiler temperature stability
  • HB: Welcome Boot Camp Coffee! They offer online courses that will "guide you through the theory and practice of coffee roasting, coffee quality analysis (cupping), importing, issues with growing and processing coffee, blending coffee and other important business aspects of the coffee industry".
  • HB: No more delays! The La Marzocco GS/3 MP Review is back on track. It is also featured in the video Newbie Introduction to Espresso - Latte Art with Lem Butler.
  • HB: Review of the Rancilio Silvia is complete. Next up is the La Marzocco GS/3 MP!
  • HB: Quick Mill Silvano Review is the first blog-style entry for the 2013 get-to-the-point review format. Plan to do at least one review a month (maybe two) until the majority of the HB-community recommended are represented.
  • Quotable Quote:
    "SOME people can be shown the way to artisan coffee. SOME people become mesmerized by that first taste of real coffee. I was. You were. Most dont care. Even IF they taste the difference, they could really care less." --Jeff Cirelli, What is wrong with Starbucks?
  • Quotable Quote:
    "I blame you guys. I was perfectly happy with what I had and you led me down the path of questioning whether there might be something better. Ignorance is bliss and all that. Now I have a probably unobtainable goal to shoot for." --Alex Kilpatrick, OK, you guys have ruined me
  • Quotable Quote:
    "To make good espresso, an espresso machine (any one) needs a quality grinder much more than the grinder needs a good espresso machine." --Dave (genovese), Grinder upgrade from Rancilio Rocky
  • another_jim: Can you supply home roasted coffee in 2 pound lots? Want to see how your roasts would sell in a cafe? Check it out!
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