[FS] La Marzocco Linea Mini w/extras (local LA pickup only)

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Postby weebit_nutty » Apr 21, 2017, 1:35 am

Purchased in October 2015. Moving abroad, where voltage is 220, so I can't bring it.

Babied, in excellent condition. No marks or scratches on chrome face or painted cover. Paddle lever has been adjusted for butter smooth, dampened action. Always used water from my 6-stage RO filter system. I add trace minerals to RO water for optimal brew quality. Cup grill has normal wear, though not heavy. UHMW Polyethylene Rubber Adhesive tape strategically applied on high-wear surfaces for preventing scratches to finishes. La Marzocco Lion emblem sticker on the side can be removed.

Will include accessories that came with it (pf, baskets, tamper, cleaning agent)

-additional PF, bottomless
-metal brew group brushes.
-Espresso Parts HQ 21g Ridgeless Basket EPW10813 1
-Espresso Parts HQ 14g Ridgeless Style Double Portafilter Basket
-additional factory steam tip (same as stock), plugged two of the four holes with white food safe epoxy, can be cleared out with a safety pin if desired. Steams slower for more control, if needed. After practice, I went back to the four hole original tip.
-Custom made plexi cup cover

I still have the original palleted box, however I don't plan to put the machine back in. Too heavy for me to handle, even when emptied. Buyer needs to take machine as is, off my counter. I'll give you the box separately.

Asking $3500. Item is located in Downtown Los Angeles, Arts District. Local pickup only (sorry but shipping is too much hassle for me).

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