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Vesuvius Espresso Machine Review

Vesuvius by Ambient Espresso

With the introduction of the Vesuvius by Ambient Espresso, the E61 group patented over 60 years ago fully embraces modern technology. It joins other dual boiler espresso machines that are based on the shiny chrome E61 group, but adds a feature rarely found in single group espresso machines: Programmable brew pressure profiling.

Will blending the old and the new lead to better, more consistent espresso? If it does, can you "fine tune" espresso taste profiles using programmable pressure profiling? Does the Vesuvius merit its premium price? Those are the questions we'll explore over the course of this review. More...

Favorite Espresso Blends

For the site's early years, the reviews focused on espresso machines and grinders. Recognizing that coffee is the most important contributor to exceptional espresso, we expanded the popular Second Look format to include peer evaluations of espresso blends. More...

Quotable Quotes

The site announcements contain "quotable quotes" nominated by Team HB and the membership. This article collects these nuggets of wisdom and quips about the art of espresso. More...

Home-Barista's Guide to Espresso

Gosh Shot

New to espresso and not sure where to start? This introduction by Jim Schulman shares his passion for good coffee and expertise in home espresso. It covers a lot of ground and demystifies the key elements of espresso preparation. It is not just about techniques and equipment you'll need to understand, but also about the reasons behind them. More...


Newbie Introduction to Espresso [videos]

Newibe Introduction to Espresso [videos]

This series of videos was created specifically for those new to making espresso at home. Between these videos and the site's Recommended Reading outlined in the FAQs and Favorites Digest, practically every problem and every question you'll encounter in the first three months as a home barista are addressed. More...

FAQs and Favorites

Questions? FAQs and Favorites

If you're new to HB, you may be thinking, "I don't know where to begin, there's too much information!" To make it easier for you to get started and to help you navigate to topics that interest you, this article contains links to the best topics all in one place, categorized by forum and subject area. The article also recommends a few must-read introduction and how-tos that form the basic barista knowledge and techniques. More...


Commercial 64mm Espresso Grinders

Ceado E7

Espresso professionals and aficionados alike agree that a quality grinder is key to exceptional espresso. The Mazzer Super Jolly is a solid 64mm flat burr grinder used in cafes worldwide and in Starbucks until they switched to super-automatics. Most grinder manufacturers offer a grinder using 64mm burrs, however information on them is scant. In addition to the Mazzer, this review covers two other representative models, the Ceado E7 and Quamar M80. More...

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